Property and Monetary Crimes

Property and monetary crimes typically fall into three categories: theft, fraud, and mischief.

Theft involves the accused person moving or attempting to move something with intent to steal that thing.

Fraud involves dishonesty that risked depriving the victim of their property. This can range from pawning something that does not belong to the accused person, to embezzling money from an employer through physical or electronic means.

Mischief involves damaging or interfering with property that is not the property of the accused person. This could include disrupting the flow of traffic on a street, or breaking someone’s window.

King Defence has successfully defended clients in all three categories of property crimes at trial. Creative strategies have also been negotiated with Crown prosecutors to either have charges withdrawn or reduced when restitution and/or community service hours have been or will be performed.

Traffic and Bylaw Tickets

Many tickets can be negotiated down to a lower offence or fine. Should there be a discretionary penalty, that penalty can be negotiated down to a lower amount. The penalties can range from fines, to demerit points in the case of driving related tickets, to license suspensions, to jail time.

Few tickets come with penalties of jail time, but they can be costly, and affect your employment, your insurance rates, and your ability to drive. Often fighting a traffic ticket can involve many hours waiting in line or in court to be heard, only to have your matter put over to another date to come back to run a trial.

Should an accused person wish to run a trial and contest the ticket entirely, the process runs similar to a criminal trial. Procedures and rules of evidence are imported from the criminal courts. The assistance of a defence lawyer can increase your chances of success by putting these rules and procedures to work for you.

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